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Treatment and Surgery for Lumps and Bumps

lipomaMany patients develop masses or lumps under or on their skin.  These can occur in any location on your body.  Often patients choose to watch these and don’t pursue removal.  Many times patients have been told these are cysts or benign fatty tumors called lipomas.  This is generally true; however, it should be stated that no one can tell you for certain what a mass is without having it removed or biopsied. 

Masses can occur all over the body and can have many causes.  The majority of these are benign and may not require removal.  However, if a mass is noticeably growing or causing symptoms such as pain, numbness or discomfort then you should have it evaluated by a physician.  Also consider having the mass examined and removed if the overlying skin changes or if it is at all concerning to you.

Many masses may be removed under local anesthetic in the office.  Others require removal in the operating room due to their size or location.  Patients generally are discharged from the hospital within a few hours after surgery.